Bow Earrings Mama + Me Bundle

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Welcome to the Bow Line. We are really leaning into this, celebrating the feminine, the flirty, and the softness. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn who was all things chic in her professional and personal life, this somehow the most precious collection to ever hit the scene. 

"Paris is always a good idea." - Audrey Hepburn  

Our Bow Line was curated in collaboration with fashion influencer Kristen Paulson of @kristensfavorites.

We love huggies because they are easy, comfortable, light, cute, and NO HASSLE!  These are your perfect, staple, wear day in and day out earring.
I T E M  D E T A I L S
  • This product is a bundle!  Our experts at Hey June have paired our favorite and bestselling pieces with their perfect partners.  We see and touch this jewelry every day and these are some of our favorite combos.  And it's win win for you- you save when items are bundled together!
  • Set comes with one pair of cz bow huggies and one pair of cz bow screwbacks
  • Available in 14K gold over 925 sterling silver, or available in sterling silver
  • Huggie is adorable inset bow with unique texturing and four tiny cz.  We love the hidden detail!
  • Unique huggie clasp has no post when earrings are closed, allowing for comfortable wear and sleep without having to remove earrings.  
  • Huggie clasp is 10 mm in diameter
  • Tiny screwback bow is 5mm wide and 2 mm tall
  • The unique post of a screwback earring screws into a tiny bead in the back of the ear.
  • This tiny screw means no poking, no messing with, no losing earring backs.  The earring is completely secure and doesn't hurt your neck with its annoying pokes.
  • Screw back earrings are comfortable to sleep in and just don't need to be messed with.  Nap all you want in these beauties!
  • Screw back earrings are a no brainer for little girls- get them in and then don't worry about messing with your babe's ears for months.  Or years!  We don't care what you do!
  • Check out our jewelry care guide for how to make sure you get max wear on your gold filled jewelry.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Model is also wearing Audrey necklace and cz bow bracelet

All items come in a hand stamped box perfect for gift giving. Items bought together will be packaged together, up to three items per box.  If you would like additional gift boxes you may buy them here.

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NOTE:  Due to a thicker gauge on the screwback post, screwbacks are great earrings for fully healed piercings. WE RECOMMEND WAITING 6-12 MONTHS BEFORE USING A SCREWBACK ON A NEW PIERCING.

The post is a tad bit thicker than our regular stud line as it needs enough thickness to screw in.  The majority of our customers have no problem with the post size.  Skin is easy to stretch and lobes can definitely make room for a screw back.  That being said, if you have very small piercings it may require some stretching to get the earring in.  We recommend using a bit of coconut oil or even dish soap to slip these guys in.

Jewelry Care Guide

See our jewelry care guide to get the longest wear out of Hey June jewelry.