Hi! I’m Bonnie and the owner and creator of Hey June. I started this business five years ago out of desperation—to feed babies and pay the mortgage during years of a difficult marriage and then single momhood. What started alone in an unfinished basement—cutting chain and wiring necklaces during nap times, late nights and days off of teaching—has now grown to a (still in the basement!) studio workspace with a small but powerful team of dedicated, driven women. There’s a lot about life that is hard, but we live to find joy and play in adulthood, including in the jewelry we wear!

We strive for easy, reliable, and just downright fun! During the five most challenging years of my life, this business has been a steady source of peace, work and joy. It has connected my aching heart to thousands of strong, resilient women who lead the way for me. I want Hey June to be for you what it’s been for me—something you can always count on! Thank you so much for your support, your orders, the referrals you give to your friends. It all means so much to a small business like this. It is an absolute honor to do this jewelry thing with you. Come back soon!