How long until my item ships?

Our estimated time to process and send the orders is 3-5 business days. We often send them earlier than that, but we guarantee five business days.  If your item takes more than 5 business days to send we will communicate with you and even give you free jewelry! 

How long until my item arrives?

After the item sends, it takes another 3-5 business days to arrive depending on where you live.  We send all our packages through USPS and we cannot control their end of things, but we have been very happy with the thousands of packages we have sent through them.   Shipping these bad boys to you quickly is very important to us.

My item did not arrive on the day I wanted.  Who do I get mad at?

We will always send our product within the promised amount of time. (See above question.) Once it leaves our hands, we can not promise that it will arrive by a certain day because the product is then in the hands of the USPS and we can not control the way the work. Generally we have been more than happy with the post office and have found that they deliver items very quickly. However, because the items are out of our hands at that point we simply can not guarantee that they arrive on a certain date so we ask for your patience. On some occasions (Christmas or Mother's Day) we promise that if you order by a certain date you will get it for the holiday and in that case, we allow plenty of cushion time for the USPS to deliver your item.

Can I return or exchange my item?

We are a small family run business so please understand that we cannot allow returns simply because you no longer want the item. All of our items have 4-5 pictures so you can see the size of the item, where the post on the earring is, and how the jewelry will sit on your neck or ear. We begin processing your order often immediately after you order it- we pay the shipping price, print the shipping label, and begin making the item. For this reason, we can not offer any refunds after you have purchased your item. If there is an error on our part, the item is broken or damaged, or you believe you have been misled on the item, we are happy to work with you and make sure you are happy with your product.

This is for a friend!  Can you include a note?

We'd love to! Just tell us what you want the note to say and we are happy to include it.

Why am I being asked to pay customs?  I already paid international shipping prices!

We have absolutely nothing to do with customs that your country may charge you. We charge you the shipping price that the United States Postal Service charges to mail your address. After it leaves us, we have no control over customs nor do we know what the individual custom prices are for each country. We suggest you look into this before you buy if you are hesitant about paying the customs.  We know, customs is such a drag!

I have sensitive ears.  Can I wear your earrings?

All of our $10 stud earrings are gold plated or silver plated. The post is made of stainless steel. This contains trace amounts of nickel, and in some cases may irritate the ear for those with nickel allergies. If you have sensitive ears, we recommend putting a thin layer of clear nail polish on the earrings before you wear them. This will protect your ear from the metal and generally allows your earrings to last much longer.  We have found it works miracles!  #earringhack

Do you offer wholesale?

Yep!  We love working with salons, boutiques, and other small shops who are grinding.  Please email us at and we will send you a line sheet.