Jewelry Care Guide

Hello!  And welcome to the world of 14k gold filled jewelry.  A world of higher quality metal, long lasting jewelry, and confidence in your purchases.  It’s better over here!  

Before we continue, we want to dispel any disinformation about what it means to have 14k gold filled jewelry and properly educate you on the care of your jewelry.  Your pieces have the power to last a long time.  But with great power comes great responsibility!  


When it comes to quality and durability, only solid gold can beat gold-filled.  Gold filled jewelry is a layer of gold bonded to a brass core.  This is different than gold plated which is a microscopic layer of gold (often dipped) over metal.  Gold plating will eventually wear.  Gold filled, on the other hand, with proper care and handling can have a very long life.  

Gold filled is much more wear resistant  because 

  1. The layer of gold on gold filled is quite thick- gold filled is legally required to contain 5% gold by weight.  Your gold filled piece has 100 times the amount of gold in it than your gold plated
  2. The layer of gold on gold filled is bonded to the base metal. The act of bonding the gold to the brass means that the gold does not flake off and is tarnish resistant with proper care.

For durability, longevity, and affordability gold filled is your golden ticket.


When it comes to a long life for your jewelry, there are three crucial factors.  

  1. What touches the jewelry.  Any liquids or chemicals will affect it.  
  2. What stays on the jewelry.  Touching the jewelry is one thing, staying on it is another.  This is where cleaning your jewelry comes in.
  3. Air!  The more air, the more oxidation your piece will experience.

Your gold filled has the potential to literally last you a lifetime.  With the right combination of ideal body chemistry and proper care you might never get rid of your necklaces!  

On the flip side, lots of exposure to chemicals and improper care can have your piece darkening disappointingly quickly.  We know you don’t want this to happen and neither do we!   We’re going to go over some popular myths surrounding gold filled jewelry and give you the truth!

MYTH:  I can wear my gold-filled jewelry anywhere, any time, with any lotions or perfumes and it will never color.


Chemicals DO affect your gold filled jewelry with time.  The longer and more often the exposure, the quicker the wear.  Here’s our list of things to avoid with your jewelry on a scale of 1-3 with 3 being the most severe, and 0 being no harm whatsoever.

SAFE ZONE:  Mild dish soap (this is what we recommend for cleaning), water

  1. Unscented lotions, sweat*
  2. Prolonged time in water, oceans, sand, perfumes, scented lotion
  3. Hot tubs, chlorine, swimming pools, sunscreen, cleaning products with bleach, nail polish remover

***sweat is a bit of a wild card and can greatly differ depending on body composition.  Some people have some really potent sweat!

MYTH:  My skin might be what is making my gold-filled jewelry turn color


Body composition is sooooo different and whether or not your skin can happily enjoy years of wearing the same gold filled piece is wildly individual.  You will learn in your jewelry wearing adventure what your skin can handle.  The more aware and curious you are of what pieces last longer and what care and habits surround those, the more wear you’ll be able to get out of your jewelry moving forward.  You’re responsible for knowing your own skin and body type and how it reacts to your skin.  We can not possibly guarantee every piece of every jewelry against every body composition.  We do feel confident that next to solid gold, we are giving you the absolute best quality metal possible.  From five years of helping customers we have learned that there is a huge range!  Some people will wear their gold-filled jewelry nonstop for a year and it looks the exact same as the day they bought on.  Other people have crazy acid skin that basically turns all metals into lava as soon as it touches it.  If this is you, I’m sorry!  Hopefully you have long eyelashes or perfect toenails to balance out your skin’s sucky reaction to metal!

MYTH:  I have sensitive skin so I can’t wear gold-filled.


Next to solid gold, gold-filled is the best option for people with sensitive skin.  Even if you do have acid skin, that does NOT mean gold-filled is out of the question for you.  It does mean you will probably want to be more careful, clean your jewelry more often, and store it in an air-tight bag when you are not wearing it.  Anytime you get out of a pool, put lotion on, or take your necklace off for the night, clean it off with water and make gently dry it off.

MYTH:  I can sleep in my gold filled jewelry!


I love my gold filled jewelry because I never feel like I have to take it off before bed.  Our huggies are especially comfortable for sleep and I have worn mine for months on end without any wear.  That being said, I live in the desert (tropical locations with lots of humidity or salt in the air will cause your piece to color quicker) and my skin composition does not react to metals.  If you always sleep in your jewelry and notice that it starts to wear, take it off at night and store it in an air tight plastic bag for longer wear.  If you know that your skin is hard on metal, definitely take off your jewelry before bed.

MYTH:  There is nothing I can do if my piece starts to wear


We highly encourage you to clean your gold-filled pieces.  Water and a mild dish soap (like Dawn) can help gold-filled looking fresh.  Every time I wash my hands while wearing my gold-filled rings I spend extra time and soap on the rings and am always shocked at the dirt and grime that the rings have been holding on to.  We also have soft anti tarnishing cloths for $4 that can quickly and easily clean up your jewelry.  You can get those here. Also very important is to dry your jewelry after wear.  Water is powerful if left on metal for long periods of time.

MYTH:  It doesn’t matter where I store my gold- filled jewelry when I am not wearing it.


If you want it to reach its max max life, put it in an airtight bag.  When you purchase a necklace from us, it comes with a 1 inch x 2 inch plastic baggie.  Hold on to this and keep your necklace or earrings in it when not wearing it.  Jewelry boxes are beautiful, we get it, but the more air that is allowed to touch your jewelry, the quicker it will oxidize and wear.

MYTH:  If I want to buy gold-filled jewelry I need to be a super responsible person who always remembers to take it off, to clean it, and to store it properly.


Aside from gold, gold-filled is the most forgiving of metals.  That means if you forget and hop into the pool, it likely will not punish you.  I often tease that our jewelry is for the laziest women and for the busiest women.  It’s for women who don’t want to have to think about it.  Everything we said about storage, cleaning, and avoiding chemicals is absolutely true for the longest wear and for your best bet for non tarnishing.  All that being said, you could ignore all those rules and still get months and years with your gold-filled pieces.  It’s a pretty easy going metal.  Yes, it likes to be treated well and is grateful when you remember to give it some TLC.  If you ignore it for days and months on end, will it maybe still hang around for you?  Chances are really good.