Necklace Detangler



Necklace detangler.  Stop worrying about those pesky necklaces tangling up and achieve your perfect layering dream!

  • 14k gold filled.
  • Comes with option for two necklaces or three necklaces.
  • Necklaces attach to the back to keep necklaces from tangling and to separate them while wearing.
  • Magnetic clasp makes taking on and off extremely simple.

IF YOU CLICK ON THE NO NECKLACE DETANGLER OPTION FOR $0 YOU ARE NOT PURCHASING A NECKLACE DETANGLER AND NOTHING WILL BE SENT TO YOU.  This option has to exist to make some of our bundles work, but if you are just purchasing this necklace detangler, please choose between 2 and 3 necklaces, do not choose no necklace detangler.

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