Brene Stack

$105 $117

Figuring out which necklaces look good together and what necklace lengths perfectly layer is complicated! So we figured it out for you. The idea behind sets is that we pair the necklaces together with their ideal layering and length partner- and you save 10-15% by purchasing them in a set.  We tested every combination in the book and these are our favorite combos.

You may purchase a necklace set with or without a necklace detangler. 

You may purchase an additional inch to each of your necklaces with this link.

Discounts do not stack. If you are using a discount code, you will receive whichever discount is better, the one associated with the stack or the one from the discount code. 

All items come in a hand stamped box perfect for gift giving. Items bought together will be packaged together, up to three items per box.  If you would like additional gift boxes you may buy them here.

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