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Hi! I’m Bonnie! The owner and creator of Hey June. Ever since I snuck out of the house to pierce my ears at age 16, I’ve been obsessed with earrings. I’m convinced that there is no greater finisher to an outfit than the perfect piece of jewelry.

I don’t sell anything unless I absolutely love it, and I adore every jewelry piece here at Hey June. Some of these pieces are so freaking good that I find myself turning to them time and time again. This collection is for my all time favorites--the ones that see me through the long days of work, the Taylor Swift concert, the running my daughter to after-school play practice, the first brave date after my divorce. I am emotional when I say that Hey June jewelry is for living. And sheesh, don't we look good living in it!

From our people
From our people
I am thrilled to finally have found quality, but affordable, earrings. I've had these in for weeks (sleep, shower, etc.) with no irritation or discomfort. Highly recommend!
— Leslie
From our people
The only downside to my purchase is now I'm addicted! My skin is extremely sensitive and I'm able to keep these earrings in for weeks. I just received my first necklace (Willa) and it's adorable!
— Alicia
From our people
I have gone a long time without earrings because of discomfort and irritation. Then I saw these screw back earrings and decided to give them a try. I am in love! They are so comfortable to live and sleep in.
— Cynthia
From our people
Absolutely love the 18" Mama Antonia! I haven't taken it off since I bought it. I've worked out, showered, slept, the whole 9 yards, in this thing and no tarnishing! It's beautiful and just enough shine and sparkle. Perfect layering piece.
— Malorie
From our people
I have purchased many Hey June pieces (love them all) but these huggies take the cake! They are so classically beautiful, the perfect earrings for everyday wear. I've had so many compliments, I decided to order multiple pairs as gifts for my friends!
— Heidi





Hi! It’s Bonnie again. Just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me and how absolutely grateful and humbled I am that you are here. This little business has grown into something I never dreamed of, and I am floored by your support of it.

When I started this business in 2015 my daughter was barely one. In a crumbling marriage and with a bleak financial outlook, I was desperate to find a way to cover the mortgage and diapers. I decided to take my lifelong interest in jewelry and sell birthstone necklaces on Etsy. Working out of my townhome basement during late nights, nap times, and days off of teaching,  the “business plan” was just to make enough to get to the next month.   

Somewhere along the line amazing women started helping me. I paid them in Big Macs and we worked shifts from 10 pm - 2 am. 

For eight years this business has grown steadily and today our all-woman team ships out over 5000 packages a month from that same townhome basement.  (I moved out though!  Victory!)

I am convinced that life by nature is very hard. It is challenging, sad, lonely, and often confusing. But it is also full of wonder, fun, play, and connection. This jewelry seeks to both honor the sorrow we experience and to also celebrate the joy. My biggest hope is that Hey June can be for you what she’s been for me- something you know you can always count on, good times or bad.