Cotton Candy Sky Bracelet Set

$10 $13

COTTON CANDY SKY is that 8:30 pm feeling on a summer night when you look up at the sky and all you see is pinks and blues and you wish you could sit in the warmth of those cotton candy colors forever. 

Time to live life in color!  It's been a rough couple of years and we're ready to embrace fun, laughter, and warmth with these bold colored bracelets!  Perfect for summer, we've got every color under the sun and a million different ways to style them.  These bracelets give the perfect pop that you need to your outfit and elevate that look to instant fun! 


  • This listing is for three bracelets- large blush, large white, and large baby blue.
  • To buy individual bracelets go here.
  • Bracelets are all one size- they are 18 cm in length
  • Bracelets are held together with stretch elastic.  You can easily take them on or off.
  • The small or large on the listing selection refers to bead size.
  • Small beads are approximately 2 mm each, large beads are approximately 3 mm each.
  • For maximum color WE DO RECOMMEND removing bracelets to swim or shower.  These ain't no gold filled!